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1 have to do with or be relevant to; "There were lots of questions referring to her talk"; "My remark pertained to your earlier comments" [syn: refer, relate, concern, come to, bear on, touch, touch on]
2 be a part or attribute of [syn: appertain]

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From partenir (French: appartenir).


  1. To belong.
  2. To relate, to refer.

Usage notes

  • In all the above senses, pertain is formal and followed by to (at times followed by unto, as in The King James Version of The Bible and in the plays of Shakespeare, although to is used in these works as well)


  • 1989, Sort out any booklets or manuals that pertain to the heating system or any other fixture that you are leaving behind. — One's company, Underwood, Lynn, Southampton: Ashford.



  • Portuguese: pertencer (1), relacionar-se com, referir-se (2).

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Pertain is a commune in the Somme département in the Picardie region of France.


Situated on the D142 road, some 27 miles southeast of Amiens, in the east of the Santerre district.



Founded around the end of the first millennia, the village was known then as "Pertaing". Made up of several now-disappeared hamlets, such as "Mory", "Sacy-Les-Pertain" and “Berseaucourt”.

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affect, appertain, appertain to, apply, apply to, associate, bear, bear on, befit, combine, concern, connect, cover, include, join, pertain to, refer to, regard, relate, relate to, vest
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